Everwell Total Health is a comprehensive health discount program that is designed to protect against unexpected events. The program includes major medical, specialty care, surgery, prescription medications, and hospitalization services.

Everwell Total Health is designed to offer comprehensive health coverage to pets for all of their unexpected medical needs. Included member services are discounted 100% unless stated otherwise.

Simply, when the unexpected happens, pets are able to go to participating clinics and receive medical services for no additional out of pocket. A monthly membership is all that member pet owners pay.

Everwell Total Health is not pet insurance. The program does not provide financial indemnity to pet owners.

Rather, it is a health discount program that allows pet owners to receive discounted medical services at participating clinics and hospitals. The pet owner only pays a monthly membership fee. There is no out of pocket payment when receiving services nor a  copayment or deductible. Member veterinary clinics and hospitals provide these covered services in full faith and at a 100% discount, unless stated otherwise, as part of their participation in the membership program.

Disclosure: Everwell Total Health is a discount program that is administered by Everwell Total Health LLC, an independent organization. Everwell Total Health is NOT insurance.

Everwell Total Health provides discounts at certain veterinary health care providers for certain medical services. These providers comprise the Everwell Total Health “network.” Everwell Total Health members are obligated to pay for all health care services, but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with Everwell Total Health. At point of purchase, all discounted services included in the individual’s membership will be approved. The approved discounts will then be applied.

All discounted services are offered on a best-effort basis by the program’s health care providers at their sole discretion. There is no guarantee of service. There is no financial reimbursement for the members’ incurred medical expenses or for redemption of services outside of the program’s network.

• Hospitalization
• Surgeries
• Injuries and illnesses
• Specialty and emergency visits
• Chronic conditions
• Hereditary conditions
• X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds
• Diagnostic testing
• Prescription medication
• Prescribed nutritional supplements
• Dental diseases including gingivitis
• Congenital conditions
• Blood disorders
• Eye disorders
• Respiratory conditions
• And more

Here is a full list of services 

• Pre-existing conditions
• Wellness, routine and preventive care
• Optional coverage not selected
• Elective, cosmetic, preventive procedures
• Injuries related to racing
• Cremation, burial, and other post-mortem costs
• Boarding/grooming
• Breeding/illness & injury related
• Spaying or neutering unless after an illness or injury
• Parasitic infection, infestation, treatment, diagnostics, or control for internal or external parasites for which there are readily available preventive treatments
• Illness/injury due to reckless behavior
• Fees such as tax & waste disposal
• Bedding, crates, devices, bowls, etc.
• Anal gland expression
• Cloning or cloned pets

Here is a full list of excluded services

Memberships are priced based on pet demographic data to best match expected healthcare cost over the lifetime of the individual pet. The criteria used are pet age, breed, sex, and geography.

Previous medical history does not affect the price of the membership.

A pre-existing condition is any injury or illnesses that your pet shows symptoms of before membership begins.

The member pet’s pre-existing conditions and excluded services will be clearly stated on the membership policy. This way there are no surprises or stress for pet owners.

Hereditary conditions are diseases or disorders inherited genetically. Congenital conditions are present from birth and may or may not be genetic. When a congenital condition is not genetic, it may be the result of an error during development at any stage prior to birth. Certain breeds of dogs and cats are prone to specific conditions. Some pet insurance providers limit or exclude any conditions considered hereditary. Everwell Total Health’s membership cares for all hereditary and congenital conditions so long as there are no pre-existing signs or symptoms.

No, included services are 100% discounted.

Yes, a 30 day waiting period for all included services. The membership becomes effective 30 days after sign up.

This means that injuries and any illnesses that develop 30 days after enrollment are eligible for inclusion (as long as there’s no evidence that the illness or injury already existed). Any injuries that occur or illnesses that begin during the 30 day waiting period are considered pre-existing and not eligible for inclusion.

There are no redemption limits on included services. Everwell Total Health is designed to provide comprehensive care for whatever is needed no matter the cost.

Everwell Total Health services include bone marrow transplants, colloidal silver treatments, gold seed therapy, herbal therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, kidney transplants, platelet rich plasma injections, polyethylene glycol medication, and stem cell therapy.

Yes, prescribed or recommended supplements purchased through your veterinarian are included if they are used for the treatment of eligible illnesses or injuries.

Pet owners can enroll their pet any time before the pet’s 14th birthday.

Yes, members can cancel at any time with written notice. Please contact support@everwellpetcare.com with your request to cancel.

The member can transfer the membership to the new owner. Everwell Total Health would need confirmation from both the former and new pet owner to verify the transfer and update the account and billing information.

Yes, the discounted services of the membership are available while traveling throughout the United States of America, Canada, or Puerto Rico including all US and Canadian territories and military bases.

Pricing is determined based on the attending veterinarian’s best estimate of the pet’s age (as recorded in its medical history).

When the member visits their veterinarian for services, all available medical records from adoption through any applicable waiting periods (if you’ve had a pet less than 18 months) will be requested. If the owner had the pet longer than 18 months, then the collected medical records will date back 18 months prior to membership inception through any applicable waiting periods. An account manager then reviews the pet’s provided medical history to assess whether a condition is pre-existing or not.

Sign into  “My Account”  > Payments Methods >  Delete current payment > Add new payment

Everwell Total Health designs its memberships to be transparent and straightforward. There is no hidden language or surprises. The program is designed for pet owners to have full peace of mind and access to comprehensive care.

Here is a sample membership, which is customized to the specificity of the pet owner and their pet.

Member Questions

Right after registering, the email you provided during the registration process was sent a message to set your account password. Please use that password set-up email to finalize your account.

If you are unable to retrieve the password set-up email, please Sign into everwellpetcare.com > “My Account” > “Lost password” and use the email you registered with to set the new password.

Please email support@everwellpetcare.com with your request. Members are able to log into their member account with either their username or email address.

Sign into “My Account” > “Lost your Password?”

Sign into “My Account” > My Memberships > Pre-existing conditions

Sign into “My Account” > Edit Account

Sign into “My Account” > Edit Address

Sign into “My Account” > My Memberships > Exclusions

Memberships become effective 30 days after sign-up.
To view the effective date Sign into “My Account” > My Memberships > Plan Effective Day

Sign into “My Account” > My Memberships

A service would not be available for a few reasons. It could either be due to a service being deemed as a treatment for a pre-existing condition, a service being excluded, or the pet owner expressing negligence in the care of their pet.

At the point of service, a reason should have been provided for the non-inclusion.

Specific questions can be emailed to support@everwellpetcare.com

Sign into “My Account” > My Memberships > Individualized Membership

Refund requests may be accepted if a pet owner requests one within 30 days of sign-up and has not redeemed any services yet. Please email support@everwellpetcare.com to request a refund.

Sign into “My Account” > Payments Methods > Delete current payment > Add new payment

Memberships become inactive as soon as they enter past due status.

Please update your card on file in your member account and email support@everwellpetcare.com requesting account reactivation.

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